6.2. Token Utility

  • Staking for incentives provided by collected fees.

  • Fees are collected in Enrex tokens or other crypto currency with buy back in $ENRX token based on different product/service:

    • NFT Offsetting Dapp - 30% from every transaction.

    • Web Offsetting Widget - 10% from every transaction.

    • Other applications' fees applied will be announced separately

  • Gathered fees are distributed (60% staking, Enrex treasury 15%, burned 25%).

  • Estimated 45% token burn; after the burn cap is reached, gathered fees are distributed (75% staking, 25% Enrex treasury).

Enrex will receive fees from Enrex applications. $ENRX tokens can be staked to earn incentives from gathered fees all across Enrex's blockchain ecosystem.

All the fees will be distributed in such order:

  • 60% $ENRX will be distributed to the staking pool.

  • 15% $ENRX will be distributed to the Enrex treasury (for product development, liquidity and future project development).

  • 25% $ENRX tokens will be burned. Estimated is the total burn of 45% $ENRX total supply.

*after the burn cap is reached:

  • 75% $ENRX will be distributed to the staking pool.

  • 25% $ENRX - to the Enrex treasury.

The earnings that holders and liquidity providers receive will be directly proportional to the amount of $ENRX tokens staked.

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