4.2.2. NFT Offsetting Dapp

Having been a member of Impact NFT Alliance for some time now, Enrex has become one of the industry's leading greenhouse gas offset providers. Impact NFT Alliance has demonstrated that NFTs can fund sustainable projects around the world and have a clear environmental impact. Not only that, but the Alliance has become a confirmation tool that the funding provided for an environmental cause is right and just.

The NFT market is already mature enough to consider the ramifications of climate change, and, thus, as in any other facet of the blockchain industry, NFT collections are looking for thorough, yet exciting, ways to offset their carbon footprint generated by various NFT activities - from minting to listing on exchanges, from transactions to metaverse interfacing. Enrex has a hands-on approach when researching the current tensions and prospects between the NFT industry and carbon markets - the necessity for it, and the ways to transform one's collection into a carbon-neutral entity.

Dapp users are able to offset their NFT collection both retroactively and proactively - that is to say, already launched NFT sets and to be launched may be chosen for the purposes of the offset. Enrex takes upon themselves the calculation aspect of the process. Enrex calculates everything required - CO2 generated levels, energy consumption and price estimates.

Lastly, Enrex issues a badge "of honour" of sorts which then can be uploaded to a website of one's choice, which would indicate that the NFT collection has been offset and thus - "greened". This type of action showcases the prestige of the collection and the pledge that the owner/issuer of the collection has taken to depict their climate-friendly stance.

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