4.2.4. Enrex Exchange

For traders and trading houses, companies, power plants, and brokers.

Enrex launches the first exchange on Solana for CO2 allowances and renewable energy certificates. The platform acts as a bridge to unlock digital asset services by combining the features of real-world assets and modern cryptocurrencies with speed, security and cost savings at the forefront. The Exchange offers opportunities for buying and selling a plethora of environmental financial instruments.

Through the integration of various registries, partners and services, Enrex is a one-stop-shop for all activities related to environmental DeFi. All the information, pertaining to the transaction object's history, origin, and inner transactional journey, is recorded directly into an Enrex token and can be traced back just as easily.

CO2 allowances and renewable certificates are tokenized and issued based on their type, location and validity. All tokenized CO2 allowances and renewable certificates can be traced to their real-world certificate counterparts. All trading is made directly with the Enrex token and the fees are collected in the Enrex token as well. (see more in tokenomics).

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