4.2. Enrex Offsetting Solutions

Enrex provides three major application products and three additional appliances that let their users navigate the inner working of the Enrex ecosystem.

Major Solutions:

  • Web Offsetting Widget - website owners are able to provide an additional voluntary solution for their visitors and their handlers to offset their visitation emissions. Enrex offsets website carbon emissions from energy consumption (coming from website traffic) and makes it carbon-free.

  • NFT Offsetting Dapp - an exclusive method for NFT collections to be offset. This can be done both retroactively and proactively (to offset already launched and be minted NFT sets).

  • Enrex Offsetting Dapp - Enrex decentralized application (dapp) lets you cancel/use your certificates and allowances by entering comments to provide the cancellation amount and the cancellation object (CO2 allowances or renewable energy certificates). For crypto transactions / smart contracts / ICO/IEO/IDO / mining.

Additional Appliances:

  • Enrex Exchange - the secondary market for government-mandated renewable energy certificates and CO2 allowances.

  • Tracking Offsets on the Blockchain - users are able to track all offsets on the blockchain, and they will be available to be accessed and checked by anyone within the ecosystem.

  • Enrex Environmental API - enables decentralized and real-world applications to unlock the mandatory CO2 allowances and renewable energy certificates market without intermediaries.

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